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  • Relieving Kneecap Pain
  • Eases swelling and inflammation
  • Aids muscle and joint recovery
  • Boost stability and improves mobility
  • Increases blood circulation & oxygen delivery
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Tired of Costly Treatments
for The Knee Pain? 
Affordable Relief With The PositVibe

Did you know that 1 in 5 Americans silently endure chronic knee pain? If you're reading this, chances are you're grappling with numbing, stabbing knee pain. The consequence? Your pain governs your daily routine.

The traditional route of expensive doctor's appointments, potentially harmful medications, and invasive surgeries has left countless knee pain sufferers frustrated and financially drained. Each expense feels like a dead end, leaving wallets empty and hopes dashed. It's a cycle that leads to nothing but wasted resources.

It all adds up...and it is a big waste of money. The truth is that knee pain sufferers are searching for more affordable solutions to relieve their pain without breaking the bank. Thankfully, Positvibe Patella stabilizer™ can help you soothe your pain.

PositVibeTM Patella Stabilizer can help 

Eliminate Knee Pain, Prevent Injury, and Speed Up Recovery

Early Intervention May Halt
arthritis Progression

“We know from our studies at hopkins arthritis center that if we have arthritis, and we put pressure on the medial compartment (inside) of the knee too much, the cartilage breaks down faster and the disease can worsen,” emphasized Markus Wimmer, Ph.D., the lead investigator of this groundbreaking study.

One of the biggest mistakes people make with [knee pain] is to limit movement of the affected joint, which leads to stiffness and weakness that only makes matters worse.” added Wimmer, who is a professor in the Hopkins Department of Orthopedic Surgery and the director of Hopkins Motion Analysis Lab. 

So, what does this mean for you? It's simple yet pivotal – to conquer joint pain, you must embrace movement. However, we understand that when you're grappling with aches and stiffness, the thought of activity may seem daunting. But therein lies the solution: you must push through the discomfort and stay active. Your journey to relief begins with movement – it's the key to reclaiming your mobility and vitality."

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The Science Behind

The PositVibeTM Patella Stabilizers

Chances are, you've experimented with numerous knee pain products, each promising miracles but falling short. Let me assure you, it's not your fault if you're still experiencing pain. Many individuals grappling with knee pain fall victim to inadequate braces, unknowingly exacerbating their discomfort and burdening their knee joints further. Far from providing relief, these ill-fitting braces can intensify existing problems, perpetuating a cycle of discomfort and potential damage.

This discomfort not only compromises everyday activities but also poses a threat to the integrity of already weakened or injured knees. It's imperative to recognize the significance of choosing the right knee brace – one that supports and protects, facilitating healing and comfort rather than exacerbating the issue. Your knees deserve nothing less than optimal support and care.

At the heart of our mission in treating knee arthritis patients lies a multifaceted approach: we aim to effectively manage pain and symptoms, mitigate joint damage, impede disease progression, and uphold physical functionality. 

A breakthrough in addressing age-related knee pain has emerged from the esteemed Arthritis Researchers at the American Arthritis Foundation (AAF). Their extensive study, involving 860 arthritis patients aged 40 and above, unveiled a pivotal solution to this widespread issue.

Through meticulous analysis of various knee brace designs, the research team uncovered a startling revelation: many knee braces exacerbate conditions by exerting excessive pressure on the entire knee, leading to accelerated cartilage deterioration and heightened inflammation. This detrimental effect poses a significant threat to the already compromised patella.

Drawing from a wealth of clinical insights, literature reviews, orthotics analysis, and patient observations, the researchers honed in on a transformative approach – rehabilitating and stabilizing the damaged patella while prioritizing the preservation of physical function. This holistic strategy not only offers immediate relief but also fosters optimal recovery over time.

Their groundbreaking discovery culminated in the identification of a specific type of knee brace engineered to provide unparalleled relief and support, ushering in a new era of hope and healing for those battling knee ailments. With this innovative solution, individuals can reclaim their mobility and embark on a path towards long-term knee health with confidence.

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Introducing the
PositVibeTM Patella Stabilizer

At the core of the PositVibe solution lies our patented dual-compression technology, a game-changer in the realm of knee support. By precisely targeting the patellar tendon and averting quadriceps misalignment, our innovation ensures unparalleled comfort and efficacy during physical activity. This tailored approach not only provides efficient knee support but also delivers natural relief from the throes of arthritis knee pain. Our open patella design further enhances the experience, affording the kneecap the freedom to move while maintaining optimal alignment. Experience the PositVibe difference firsthand – where cutting-edge technology meets unwavering comfort and support, empowering you to reclaim your mobility and conquer knee pain with ease.

Relieving Kneecap Pain

Imagine a world where the protective shield of the articular cartilage behind your kneecap remains steadfast, safeguarding your joints with each movement. Sadly, when this cartilage softens, its protective prowess diminishes, leaving bones vulnerable to painful friction. Enter our anatomically contoured Knee Brace – a beacon of relief in the battle against discomfort. Designed to envelop the kneecap with precision, this innovative brace offers targeted compression through dual straps, seamlessly integrating above and below the patella. Embrace the freedom of movement without compromising on support. With our patella stabilizer, you can move with confidence, knowing that every step is cushioned and every bend is met with reinforced protection. Say goodbye to knee pain and hello to a life of unrestricted mobility.

Eases swelling and inflammation

Unlock the power of seamless movement with our integrated dual-compression tubes. These revolutionary features not only keep your kneecap securely in place but also work tirelessly to enhance circulation and massage the surrounding tissue. By fortifying the patella mechanism, our technology accelerates the relief of edemas and effusions, offering swift comfort when you need it most. But that's not all – our support goes beyond mere functionality. By activating sensorimotor processes, it ignites a cascade of benefits, enhancing muscle control and delivering passive stabilization for your knee. Experience the synergy of innovation and comfort, and take control of your mobility like never before.

Boost stability and improves mobility

Experience the transformative benefits of wearing our Patella Stabilizer – your key to a safer, swifter recovery and enhanced knee confidence. By providing essential support, our stabilizer lowers the risk of ligament injuries, paving the way for a smoother rehabilitation journey. Not only does it offer relief from discomfort, but it also instills a newfound sense of assurance with every step you take. 

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Relieve Knee Pain
While Being Active!

"We worked and studied closely with 460 patients ages 40 and above, testing different knee brace tightness and designs. The results were astonishing."

-Dr. Harvey Lemont,

"We are very happy that PositVibe Patella Stabilizer has helped 88% of our patients to reduce pain and stiffness, limit the progression of joint damage, maintain and improve knee function and mobility."

- Dr Artin, Researcher

"For my older patients who suffer from knee osteoarthritis, this PositVibe Patella Stabilizer has helped them walk longer distances without the pain."

-Dr. Glenn Ingram

"Many of my patients' knee confidence has increased and many returned well to their sports."

-Dr. Lomas C.


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The Knee Saving Benefits

  • Reduces pain levels during level walking
  • Helps prevent cartilage damage caused by arthritis
  • Protects & supports patellar tendon
  • Improves strength & mobility
  • Helps to prevent knee injuries
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation
  • Helps to correct misalignment
  • Increases knee confidence in walking 

Why PositVibeTM Patella Stabilizer?

why positvibe 2 copy.jpg__PID:225be8fe-bd46-4b6a-b504-5ad8c51bad2f

Here's why PositVibeTM Patella Stabilizer is the perfect knee brace to not only reduce pain, but help you increase mobility, heal faster and live an active life in comfort.

Anatomically Contoured Construct

Surrounds the kneecap


Suitable for all climates, moisture-wicking technology keeps your knees comfortable and dry

Anti-Slip Design 

stay firmly in place, even while partaking in walking, active sports, or hiking

Industrial Strength Velcro

for more holding power!

High Quality Surgical Tubing

That applies pressure upon the patella tendon below and above the kneecap to stabilize and tighten up the kneecap mechanism

I, Anatomically Contoured Construct

Surrounds the kneecap

II, Breathable

Suitable for all climates, moisture-wicking technology keeps your knees comfortable and dry

III, Anti-Slip Design 

stay firmly in place, even while partaking in walking, active sports, or hiking

VI, Industrial Strength Velcro

for more holding power!

V, High Quality Surgical Tubing

That applies pressure upon the patella tendon below and above the kneecap to stabilize and tighten up the kneecap mechanism

Available in 3 sizes

APAVibe™ will bring you a well-designed compression support sock that provides graduated compression from the heel to upper leg. The toe lining won’t squeeze your aching toe joints.

Designed for comfort, feel the instant comfort & support as you slide your socks up your calves. Feel secure as you witness the Moisture wicking properties working during your workout.

PositVibe Patella Stabilizer
PositVibe Patella Stabilizer

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1 PositVibe Patella Stabilizer
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4 PositVibe Patella Stabilizers
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2 PositVibe Patella Stabilizers

Why Everyone Loves the PositVibeTM Patella Stabilizer?

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